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You might know human cpr, but do you know PET cpr? Learn how to save your dog, cat or puppy's life. We use realistic dog and cat and puppy manikins to assist you in learning how to properly do pet cpr and choking and first aid techniques. Pet owners, dog groomers, walkers, sitters, vets and pet techs need to learn the basics of proper first aid and cpr skills in the event of an emergency.
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What if your pet needed immediate assistance...would you know what to do? Take a class today to help prevent a death prior to getting the dog to a veterinarian clinic. Think about the ailments your pet, your dog, could suddenly suffer from:

Cuts and bleeding -Poisoning - Drowning - Rescue Breathing and CPR - Simple Medication Administration - Choking - Fractures and Sprains - Animal Bites or Insect Stings - Burns or Severe Cold injuries.
Knowing how to do cpr and first aid skills for your dog, cat or puppy at some point in their life will be critical. There will be a time when getting to the Vet or clinic will NOT be an option. Have a plan, for you and your family to act when your dog, puppy, or other pet animal will need you the most!

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Learn the steps of pet cpr here Pet first aid should be the first responsibility a dog, puppy and cat owner should be comfortable with when owning a pet. Consider putting together an emergency preparedness kit with: Muzzle: dealing with a first aid situation. Scissors: Used to remove a foreign object that has come tangled in fur or to cut bandages in an emergency. Tweezers: First piece in case of an emergency involving splinters, ticks, and additional objects in paws. Gloves: remove food lodged in the throat, dealing with blood, etc. Towels: Multiple critical uses. From stopping massive bleeding, to cleaning a wound, to providing critical compressions in a compound fracture. Medical Tape, ace bandage and Gauze: A number of uses but not limited to deal with bleeding or a broken bone! Know Vets Phone Number and the National Poison Control: 1-888-426-4235.

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Saving Your Pet With CPR - learn from us!

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